Progress – April 2016

We are just a few months into the life of the club but there is lots of activity. Well done to all those getting to the Sunday and Easter training sessions and for getting the first few events. We have had athletes at Allander and Stirling events recently and there are entries for lots of upcoming events. Thank you to the Wineport for the great welcome back after the Allander event.

The Thursday night swim club at the Auchrannie is now very well established. With the support of the team at the Auchrannie a second weekly swim session, focusing on front crawl technique, begins on 23rd April – 13:45-14:45

We have our banking set up and it is fantastic that several local businesses have offered sponsorship. We will be featuring the logos of sponsors on the club trisuits. We are also fortunate to have received backing from Shimano to help with the production of these. It should be possible to place orders for these shortly and we will soon have stock of excellent, very reasonably priced club kit.

The club has been successful in being awarded a grant from The Big Lottery Fund and this will allow the purchase of equipment. This will include some club road bikes and wetsuits that will be available for members to take home for a seasons rental – again it should be possible to place this order very soon. We are going to need some storage space for this near to the High School.

The club structures are in place and we are pushing ahead with more PVG checks for helpers and aiming to organise training for more coaches. Plans are also afoot for some club duathlon events using the Rodden in Shiskine and as the usual summer heatwave arrives we will be looking to open water swimming.

Not a bad start…



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